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Sun Sep 24 15:16:29 CET 1995

Hei, hei!

Thanks for the info on the box-set...

>We? So you're a Norwegian, eh? OK, I'll ask you; about a year ago I
>visited Norway. In a store I found a copy of this Norwegian version of
>"From Duckburg to Lillehammer" with this special Rosa-cover that haven't
>been published elsewhere. No I wonder if there have been other Rosa-covers
>published only in Norway?

Ah, well, see, I only subscribe to norwegian DD&Co., so I can tell you which
stories have Rosa covers, but I don't know if they've been published
elsewhere. In Norway, the DD&Co. has about 12 "Ekstra"-issues each year,
which sometimes are movie-stories (The Lion King etc.), sometimes theme
issues (Gyro, Black Pete etc.) and sometimes Don's stories printed in one
issue. Those will normally have a cover by Don himself. Those I can remember
from the top of my head are: "Son of the Sun", "Return to Xanadu", "From
Duckburg to Lillehammer", "Guardians of the lost library", "King Kroesus
treasure" (don't know the original title here) and I think also the one with
that cabbage-prof. and the BBs. But I have a strong feeling someone else has
a lot more knowledge about this than me (DR e.g.).

I reread "RtX" and "SotS" yesterday. Is there any D.U.C.K in the "SotS" or
hadn't he started with that yet?

>Well, *I* don't have any *Norwegian references to this, but I still have
>Swedish. If it's almost the same consist of the Norwegian and the Swedish
>issues, I might be able to give you a hand with that. Just let me know.

I think they should be about the same...

>Why's that? I don't think that was a spoiler!

Well, I mean, you discussed a story most of the people on the list haven't
had the chance to see yet. Not that I mind, I was just wondering if there
was any "rule" about warning about such things...

>It's "The Universal Solvent"

Yup, I reread that one yesterday, too. And suddenly noticed that U$ behaved
very untypical in the very first panel. I mean, U$ giving tip to someone for
opening a door??? Couldn't spot the D.U.C.K. here either, BTW...

>What is "Citizen Kane"?

A movie considered to be one of the best ever made (depending whom you ask,
of course, but I mean among people who study movies like we study comics
:-). It's about some newspaper imperium and I think a certain sleigh you see
in several (at least 2) of Don's stories has something to do with this
movie. It was used in an episode of "Colombo" (the detective, played by
Peter Falk) also, BTW! So now I have said a lot about something which I
might well have misunderstood totally, I guess Don would be the one to tell
if I'm right (or I'll have to get to see the movie...).

>The continue of the quote should be "Even a flat soda will do, but I'll
>only pay you half prize!", does that ring a bell? It's from Rosa's
>"Return to Plain Awful".

I knew I'd seen it somewhere. Back to the library...


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