Disney-comics digest #798.

Jacob Sparre Andersen sparre at cats.nbi.dk
Thu Sep 28 15:25:21 CET 1995

> 	Maybe I'm wrong in general that Disney-Europe objects to
> pairing MM and DD, at least on special occasions.  MICKYVISION (Germany)

There's an Italian 12 part story (in Jumbobog 117 & 188) with the whole 
gallery of heroes and villains; U$, DD(&SD), HDL, GD, GG, MM, GO, BP, BB, PB 
and probably some more. So somebody must approve of, or at least accept, 
MM-DD interaction.

Ehapa just finished printing Lo$ in album form, right? When can I expect them 
(or some other Disney publisher) to reprint it. I want to try convincing BFL 
to arrange a co-production of Lo$, as they did with CBLiC. But preferably 

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