Disney-comics digest #798.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Thu Sep 28 14:32:35 CET 1995

	I thought Byron had mentioned that the Hong Kong Egmont
affiliate DID print your "On the Ball," but that no one else did.
Maybe I'm wrong about this?
	I also thought that Disney-Europe had not allowed the story
to appear in most places simply because it featured Mickey and Donald
together.  It appears I was wrong about that, so maybe I was also
wrong about the story being published somewhere.
	Maybe I'm wrong in general that Disney-Europe objects to
pairing MM and DD, at least on special occasions.  MICKYVISION (Germany)
for Nov. 1988 featured an 8-page story of the ENTIRE Mouse and Duck
families together in search of treasure, drawn -- I believe -- by 
Esteban.  Very nicely drawn, but the cast of characters was simply too
big, so I can't say I really enjoy MM and DD's interaction.  The story
WAS a D-coded story, done presumably for MM's 60th birthday although
that wasn't mentioned in the story.

	Could you perhaps send me a copy of WDC&S 600?  It's out this
week, is it not?  (You, too, can have the Gottfredson painting book in

	David Gerstein
	<96dag at williams.edu>

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