Disney-comics digest #798.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Sep 28 13:01:00 CET 1995

        No, I don't know when "The Universal Solvent" will be used at
Gladstone, but I guess I should ask. I need to do some extra art for it. (It
was originally supposed to be in WDC&S #601-603, but I convinced them that
if they HAD to serialize one of my stories, maybe they should do "The
Treasury of Croesus" instead, just onaccounta' how it splits up better.

        KALLE ANKA now does supplementary issues? I hadn't noticed. But
then, couldn't they even fit it in their normal weekly? Didn't KA go to 48
pages as its normal size? Or is that only a sometimes-size?

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