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> a) Donald Duck in "Il supertraining da concorso", from "Topolino" #2213,
> 1998 (30 pages). Script: Rudy Salvagnini; Art: Stefano Intini. (Note: For
> some reason, story code I-2208 is wrongly listed in the first page.)

And for some other reason, the artist was listed as Ntini.  Regardless of
how his name is spelled, I found his art some of the worst I've ever seen.
The characters were so distorted and disfigured that they were only
recognizable by the color of their clothes!

The story itself must have been pretty good, possibly hilarious, but
the awful art completely ruined it for me. :(

Yes, I understand that the Italians have developed a style that is
different from the "classical" American and Egmont styles, but this is
too much. Don't they use model sheets in Italy, specifying the general
look of the characters? Or is it that characters may look like anything,
as long as they are called Donald, Fethry, etc.?

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