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Harry Fluks wrote:

<< A few years ago, shortly before Barks' wife died, Barks put his public
 relations and other matters into the hands of Bill Grandey and Kathy Morby,
 who then called themselves the "Carl Barks Studio". They took care of all
 the work Barks did (paintings, drawings, etc.) and they were also the
 organisers of Barks' big tour through Europe. >>

Rant! Snort! When I was working at Egmont there was a big Donald Duck 
anniversary coming up and Egmont was looking for ways to capitalize on it. In 
a staff meeting one morning I suggested that I might be able to get Carl 
Barks to come to Denmark. Jaws dropped. As I recall, Byron Erickson had the 
same thought, and I think we both mentioned it at the same meeting. I'm sure 
either one of us could've brought it about but Byron, in a gentlemanly 
gesture, backed off and let me make the phone calls. I contacted Bill and 
Kathy, pitched the idea, contacted other Disney and Egmont affiliates 
throughout Europe, coordinated some dates favorable to everyone, mapped out 
an itinerary and turned the research and notes over to Egmont upper 
management. This took a few weeks to put together.  Next thing I knew, I was 
completely cut out of the loop, never had anything to do with the tour after 
it was taken out of my hands, got let go by Egmont, returned to the States 
and wasn't even in Europe when the whole Barks tour occurred. Never saw 
photos, never got anything out of it, except for one thing: I was 
instrumental in getting Carl Barks a mighty grand tour of Europe! Bill and 
Kathy approved everything along the way, with great concern for Carl's 
comfort and safety, but they really did not organize it. Egmont did.

<<Why is ebay often full of animation cels signed by Barks?>>

Harry replied:
<<My guess is that the forementioned Barks Studio made Barks sign a lot of
stuff that he didn't have anything to do with, including newspaper strips
and animation cels. With the sole purpose of making money out of it. I think
some people bought it (in 2 ways), and are now trying to get rid of it again
through eBay.>>

This is exactly right and extremely diplomatically said, Harry!  Of course, 
certain marketing wizards at Disney, never overlooking an opportunity to make 
a few bucks at anyone's expense, supported the idea. 

Bob Foster

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