About Don's "Treasure under glass" (ZP 141)

Antonio Maschio tbin at libero.it
Tue Jun 19 20:50:39 CEST 2001

I just read the story, on italian ZP 141. Simply great. Great fantasy,
great drawing, great sense of humour.

By the way, Don: every story of you is beatiful, but the one that I prefer
is the sequel of Barks' Trulla-la (I try to remember the right title, but
I'm sure you have understood).

In the end: what does the making of a story take to you (I mean, how much
time do you spend in drawing such deep-particularized tables)?

Antonio Maschio
<tbin at libero.it>

[maybe my english is not fluent or right, but I hope the meaning...]

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