La Pietra Zodiacale

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Tue Jun 26 13:39:47 CEST 2001

From: "Kriton Kyrimis" <kyrimis at>

> Judging from the first installment, I was not particularly impressed.

Uh? I thought Archontis meant "next week" since there's no trace of it in
the summary he provided for MM 1822.

> On the other hand, I was not particularly impressed with "The Ice Sword"
> or "Once Upon A Time in America" (or whatever that series about Mickey's
> ancestors taking part in key moments of early American history was
> called) either, so what do I know?

Strange for the "Ice Sword", not so strange for the "Once Upon a Time in
America". The "Ice Sword" is mainly one single story, with perfect art
(perfect character design and perfect background), and perfect script
(characters who are really themselves).
The "Once Upon A Time in America" series is actually many and many stories,
not just one, and the charactars are *not* themselves because they're not
Micky and Goofy, just theri ancestors (or something), and this makes a big
difference for me. esides, I like Massimo De Vita's art from the '80's

The "Pietra Zodiacale" stories have, unfortunately, some parts by Franco
Valussi, and of course his art is not as great as De Vita's.

> Judging from my previous postings, and from a discussion I had with
> Archontis on the subject of new Italian Artists, I'm beginning to suspect
> that I'm turning into a grouchy old man who's stuck in the past, refusing
> to see any value in change. :(

Massimo De Vita is no *new* Italian artist :-)


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