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> Concerning the discussion of Ducks & schools and Ducks in schools you were
> having a while back (& the topic may be returning):
>     When I was studying to be an English teacher, I traced my past to find
> the origin of my fascination with words. Not surprisingly (to anyone on this
> list), comic books were a large influence, even though I grew up with the
> later Barks stories (The Gold Nugget Boat, The Great Wig Mystery).
>     They continue(d) to entertain and inform me as an adult. I am somewhat
> embarrassed to admit that I had never been able to entirely picture in my
> mind the Xanadu in Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan" until it was realized by
> Rosa's story. I would dearly love to teach the poem and the heroic journey
> through the original Barks story and Rosa's two-part sequel. However, costs
> for buying that many comics would be prohibitive, photocopying would be
> illegal (and unattractive)--not to mention I'd probably be sued by Disney for
> using their images in a classroom!
>     By the way, I recommend the Coleridge for anyone interested in the
> artistic/creative process (including, of course, comics), for that's what I
> think the poem is about. Then again, even if you don't speak English, the
> sounds are gorgeous.

One question: Is there any difference between Xanadu and Tralla La or are there
just two names for the same country (if it is one)?
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