Kriton's problems about prohibitively long subject lines describing replies to several postings at once

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Mon Sep 10 20:27:13 CEST 2001

Harry (sorry, I forgot the change the addressee after hitting the "Reply"
button and sent you an extra copy):

>> Maybe I'm too methodic. I archive all my e-mails, and it's easier to
>>search for an old mail when it has a readable subject. I guess you
>>never look at old mails again (where would you get the time for that?),
>>so you don't have that problem.

I've started (and am already behind) doing  something I should have done
from the start, and will try to keep it up: make an html pages per thread,
copying the messages & images (not queries, but discussions, remarks
about different editions, ...).
ex:    the MM story with people being cut in slices; I have Petri, Paolo
and Jan's messages all on one page, along with the scans Paolo posted.


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