Some thoughts about the OT-stuff we all love to hate...

Theresa Wiegert theresaw at
Wed May 28 23:53:11 CEST 2003

someone (sorry, lost the name) wrote:
> The best way to stop these irritating off-topic posts is simply to NOT
> RESPOND to them!  When Sigvald (or anyone else) says something that
> bothers you, DON'T try to reason with them, DON'T tell them you
> disagree with them, DON'T say anything of any kind in response!  All

Yep. Or, best of all, take it up privately. When for instance I've asked
emailing technical questions, I get responses in private email, which is
perfect. I'm not really fond of the "ignore someone till he/she shuts
up"-method, since I don't think it's a good way. At least not if it's
total ignore (that's not what you said, I know, I just came to think of it
as something unnice). But only ignore the "irritating" stuff, and not
entire person, that sounds like a far better alternative. As with
everything - if there's nothing to say, just don't. Or say something else.

(some of) this bunch of dcml:ers have more and more turned into a family
of nagging siblings, where there is something irritating you just can't
get yourself rid of. In a family where do such things lead? Yep, only one
way. So what's the point in persuing it? Childish behaviour if you ask me
(or rather, immature, childishness is not something I'd like to say as a
negative thing). Besides, a truth I might already have mentioned is: when
someone gets irritated on something with someone else, the fault very
often lies with yourself (Which means that I probably have something to
look into with myself, since I get a bit irritated with this... yep -
there's probably a tendecy in me to argue about things that don't lead
anywhere... at least I know there used to be. But, you can always change a
bit, that's a very nice thing. But *only* you yourself, if you want to...
so don't bother about others, just accept them as they are (unless they do
something illegal, but I strongly doubt that it's the case here)) (wow
that was a long parenthesis) (if you ask, I know that I can't change
anyone of you either, but one can always put up subtle signs along the
way, no? :)

I think I've said this before, sorry for repeating stuff...
Sigvald said something very good before - that everyone responding is
responsible for keeping the thread alive. (I'm doing the same, I guess...
Hm, I probably like to "hear" my own voice or something...)

Time for a commercial break: I visited the new DCML-OT BBS-lookalike
thingy Cord was talking about, and I like it a lot -
I think it could become pretty fun, a good combination between a mailing
list and irc, which requires a bit too much time online.

/Theresa, thinking that it would be very nice to get my wings on those
gemstone publications when they get distributed...

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