What is so funny about Magica

KUR ggk at wp.pl
Mon Sep 1 18:26:42 CEST 2003

> >>> My favourite Rosa-story with Magica is "A Matter Of Some Gravity" (D
> 96001),
> >>> because of the sideway-gravity idea, and the consistent,
> way
> >>> of how it is handled throughout the story.

I think the Best Magica de Spell story ever is "Of Dime, Ducks and
Destines". Why ? :

1) Don Rosa is a Geanius and made a reale funny story (agien).
2) In dis story, wen Magica meet Scrooge as a Kid, beafore she now it is him
she act sow nice to him theat you can nerly fogot she is not a good gay but
a Villant (maby Magica is realy good in said her hart? Or maby she just act
nice bicous she was happy she goot the "Dime"?)


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