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>     Geez, how many historians are there on the list now? :-)
>     I have counted three (Mike, Kai and Sigvald). More?
My guess is that Carl Barks has inspired many of us in various ways. At 
least for me, his stories got me interested in history. Is the same true 
for the other historians in the group? How about his influence on other 
people's career/studying choiced?

> I have been paid  money for historical articles about comics
>           am i by defination a comics historian?

Since there aren't that many trained historians doing history of comics, 
I'd count you in. Many of the best writers of the history the comics 
aren't trained historians. For example, my great idol, Donald Ault, is s 
professor of English, but I'd would count his work historical as well.

- Kai Saarto

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