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Sorry if this answer comes twice. I tried sending it from my wap phone, and 
disconnected, so I'm not sure whether it arrived safe to the list or not - but 
at least, I haven't recieved it yet, so it can't hurt trying again.

> To Don and every other person knowing an answer.

I wonder if that includes me... I think it does.

> As Don Rosa said, his next story will be called "The Black Knight GLORPS
> Again!" Because I never heard the word "glorp" before I looked it up in the
> dictionary and... found nothing. So I'm curious what this word means.
> Is it a short cut for something... a soundword... or something else?

"Glorp" is the sound created when Omnisolve™ consumes something/makes it 
disappear. I don't know that for sure, as I haven't read "The universal 
solvent" or "The black knight" in English, but I can say for sure that was the 
sound word used when Omnisolve™ dissolved something in "The Pertwillaby Papers" 
(also by Don Rosa), and assuming Don is consist using his sound words, that 
would most likely be the meaning of "glorp". (Speaking of The Pertwillaby 
Papers, I just LOVE the picture where Hawaii is swallowed in a huge "GLORP"! 
Oh, that's the best use of the word "glorp" I've ever seen!)

A question for Don Rosa: In "The Pertwillaby Papers" (Vortex), Lance discovers 
that the Omnisolve™ is too dangerous to use, as it consumes EVERYTHING around 
it - including the air, and that it would suck up our entire atmosphere in 
short time. I know that the Duckburg variant works a little different (too bad, 
really - I love those sequences with the black hole, and the whole thing with 
positive and negative charges... Wonderful story!), but it seems to me it would 
still work the same way when it comes to air or not. And even though it's been 
quite a while since I've read The Universal Solvent, I seem to remember a scene 
where it actually sucks lots of air down in the shaft. So... Why isn't this 
armour standing in Scrooge's trophy room a major threat to humankind only for 
existing? This armour could probably have sucked up the atmosphere and killed 
us all in the few years that have passed since you wrote that story!

Olaf the Blue

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