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DCML: About the DCML pages

These pages are not associated with the Disney company in any way, nor with any of the publishers of Disney comics around the world. Instead they are associated with the Disney comics mailing list.

Who's in charge? Per Starb├Ąck is the administrator of that mailing list and also of these pages. Most of the material here stems from discussions on the mailing list or from members of that list. I've try to add credit where credit is due, but sometimes I may have forgotten that. Please tell me to add some credit if you think I've forgotten it.

How can I help? Everyone is welcome to contribute to the pages. That can be done with small tidbits of information, but it can also be done with a whole page on for instance a Disney comics creator. If you want to make it real easy for me you will write that in Disney comics markup language which is like HTML, but a bit customized for these pages.

Sometimes there are questions in [brackets] on the pages. If you can answer these questions, please tell me, so I can remove the question marks.

I didn't find the information I was looking for! If you have specific questions on Disney characters etc. that aren't answered by these pages, please don't send them to me, though. I'm need answers -- not more questions! Even if I happen to know the answer I will perhaps not have time to answer it, and if I had time to look that up and formulate the answer into words I would prefer to use that time to update these pages instead, not to send an answer to just one person. Join the mailing list and send your questions there instead! There are lots of people there who are more knowledgeable and much quicker to answer than I am.

If you find errors in the Inducks, I'm not the one to talk to. I'm only responsible for the web interface to it, but the data as such is collected by Harry Fluks. See the Inducks page for more information.

Why are these pages so grey and dull anyway? Because I am such a dull person.

Last updated February 27, 1999.

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