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Andold "Wild Duck" Temerary

An ancient Scottish warrior who looks like Donald, appearing in many Italian stories by Marco Rota. He is the commandant of Walstaen Castle (Castello Malcot) in its battles against Viking attackers. His real name is Andold Temerary, and he is nicknamed Wild Duck.

In Andold's first appearance written by Gaudenzio Capelli, he was simply a dream that Donald imagined, but starting with his second story, L'Arrosto della Salvezza from 1980 he was a real person whom Huey, Dewey, and Louie read about in a history book. In this story Andold also gained some new features, including a duck face atop his helmet which mimics his every facial expression.

Regular supporting cast in the Andold stories include:

By Jonathan Markoff. Additional facts from David Gerstein

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