Disney Comics Characters

The English names of the characters are used here. From the character pages you can find the translations into other languages, from a database of translations.

This is divided into various "universes". Hopefully this will make it easier to find the character you are looking for (even if you don't know the name), but be aware that these "universes" often mix with each other, so you might find Grandma Duck in a Mouse story or Tinker Bell in a Duck story. (In a few cases I have listed the character several times.)

The Duck "universe"

The Duck comics are the most famous and celebrated Disney comics originally produced for comic books, and Carl Barks's Duck comics are among the most cherished comics of all time.

David Gerstein has written a "Donald Duck Universe Guide" for Egmont's writers. It lists places and characters in most duck stories by Carl Barks and Don Rosa.

Characters in duck stories by Barks

This includes already existing characters (such as Donald and Grandma) as well as characters that Barks invented (like Scrooge and Gladstone). It also includes relations that Barks never used in a story, but made up for his Duck Family Tree.

Other older characters

Various later characters

Italian characters

Note that Rockerduck who is most often used in Italian stories actually is created by Barks, and thus listed among the Barks characters above. (The original Italian names are given in parentheses where there are different English names.)

The Mouse "universe"

The most cherished artist working with the Mouse characters is usually Floyd Gottfredson. One way into those comics, if you haven't read them, is David Gerstein's "crash course" on Mickey Mouse, that is the comics he recommends as the ideal stories with Mickey among those reprinted since 1986.

David Gerstein is writing "The Mickey Mouse Universe" for Egmont as a guide for writers of Mickey Mouse comics. It lists places and characters in Gottfredson's Mickey stories.

The Characters

Various other "universes"

Characters from Disney feature films

There are comics adaptations of most of the Disney feature films, so lots of characters could be mentioned here. As the focus here is on comics, this section has a rather low priority, except for characters like Scamp and Gus & Jaq who have found new roles in comics which they didn't have in the movies.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Saludos Amigos
Fun and Fancy Free
Peter Pan
Lady and the Tramp
The Sword in the Stone
The Aristocats
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (consisting of earlier shorts)

Disney television animation

About the character pages

One source for these character pages is a set of similar pages that Jussi Vainikainen had earlier. But it's been reorganized (in "universes") and some characters and additional information from subscribers of the Disney comics mailing list added. (Credits are on the individual pages.)

Most of the pictures are scanned in by Jussi. (There's one exception by Jacob Sparre Andersen.) The copyrights to them belong to the Walt Disney Company. Their purpose here is to aid discussion the Disney comics list, as there are participants from lots of countries, and it's the easiest way to make sure we all know what characters we are talking about, even though we may know them by different names. Most of the one-line descriptions of the characters are from Fredrik Ekman, back from when he edited the list of Disney characters with translations into lots of languages.

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