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[By Per Starb├Ąck with facts from David Gerstein and Jonathan Markoff.]

Black Pete's big-nosed right hand.

He appeared in lots of Paul Murry stories, and continues to appear in at least Egmont stories nowadays. He hasn't had a consistent name in the Murry stories though. Some attested names are Catfoot, Scuttle, Weasel, Saltspray, Swifty, and Shanghai (Secret of the Puzzlestone). [Stories for other names are wanted, as well as yet more names.]

In the 1950s he often had a moustache, but it sort of subsided over the years (the Egmont stories usually just give him a hairy snout now).

It is not clear whether the scripts Murry drew intended to reuse the same character even though they used another name, or if it was just Murry who preferred to give all those side-kicks similar appearances. In the current Egmont stories he is definitely the same character each time though, and goes by the name Scuttle.

Other sources

Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.
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