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The Witch from Snow White

The Wicked Witch from Disney's movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), actually the Evil Queen in a magic disguise. Although seemingly killed at the end of her movie (by a fall from a cliff), she subsequently appeared in countless comics stories as late as the 1970's, not just co-starring Snow White and the Dwarfs, but also such a diverse cast of characters as Brer Rabbit, Chip and Dale, Captain Hook, and Dumbo. A story in the Italian Topolino 1571 by Romano Scarpa gave an explanation as to how the Witch survived her fall and why she was unable to transform back to her true form as the Queen; ironically, at the time of this story she had already been a semi-regular character for nearly 30 years.

[By Jonathan Markoff.]

Other witches are Magica De Spell, Witch Hazel, and Mad Madam Mim.

Last updated August 19, 1997.

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