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Brigitta MacBridge and Jubal Cock

Brigitta MacBridge

Brigitta is an Italian character, and mostly only appears in stories made in Italy, but lately she has also been used in some Egmont stories.

She first appeared in 1960 in Zio Paperone e l'ultimo Balabu by Romano Scarpa where she is introduced as a long-time acquaintance of Scrooge.

She has always been in love with Scrooge, but he has never accepted her love. Back in 1898 he even presented her a very precious fur hat with the agreement that she would leave him alone, but she broke her promise. (When that story later was reprinted in the USA the year was changed to 1928.)

In later stories she became a business-woman herself to try to beat Scrooge in his own game.

Carl Barks once sent Scarpa a sketch where Brigitta tries to seduce Scrooge by means of a money perfume. Scarpa used that idea in 1976 in Zio Paperone e il casco d'oro. The original Barks sketch got lost, and was never printed anywhere before it got lost. Scarpa has tried to recreate it as close as he can and it is printed in the Italian book on Scarpa by Luca Boschi, Leonardo Gori and Andrea Sani, as well as in Uncle Scrooge 242. (There is also another recreation of this sketch, also by Scarpa, printed in the French Picsou Magazine - 60° anniversaire de Donald.)

Filo Sganga is a businessman who sometimes helps Brigitta.

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