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Percy and Patricia

Percy Pig is a friend of Mickey Mouse who appeared in comic stories such as Fireman Mickey, Clarabelle's Boarding House and Working to Win, as well as a few short gag strips now and then. Unlike Peter Pig, Percy has a quick temper, is an adult pig, and was a dress model for army tanks during World War II. Percy's wife Patricia Pigg had a starring role in one early cartoon, Mickey's Follies (1929), as well as appearing in various gag strips and having a major supporting role in 1941's Love Trouble. Percy and Patricia Pigg are the only Mickey Mouse characters to be enjoying married life. Their life must be rather uneventful, because they have only shown up in a handful of stories.

[Later addition:] Interesting update -- although Percy and Patricia are definitively shown as married in several stories, Patricia's last name is always spelt Pigg, while Percy's remains Pig. Patricia kept her last name when married.

Other sources

Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.

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