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Ludwig Von Drake

Origin and appearances

Ludwig debuted on television, in An Adventure in Color (1961) as was later the host of many television featurettes all through the 1960s, and some new ones were done in the early 1980s as well. Ludwig also made an appearance in DuckTales and appears as a regular supporting character in the recent Disney TV show Bonkers. He's a regular in Duck Daze, too.

His first appearances in comics may have been in the Ludwig Von Drake mini-series of 1961-1962. About the same time he appeared in a few issues of WDC and Donald Duck. (Examples: DD 91 and WDC 283.)

Barks used him only once, in a one page gag in Uncle Scrooge 54. Since then he has appeared mostly in European stories, but Americans Tom Yakutis and Bill White produced some stories about him under the umbrella title March of Science, and those appeared in WDC&S 555, 557, 559, and 561.

He is said to be from Vienna.


He is Donald's uncle. According to Don Rosa he is that by being married to Matilda McDuck, even though that isn't actually shown in Don Rosa's Duck family tree as published.

Other sources

Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.

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