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Don Rosa

Don Rosa is a writer and artist of Disney Duck stories, most known for his series The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck".

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Don Rosa on himself
Don Rosa is a frequent contributor to the Disney comics mailing list and this is a collection of quotes from that, mostly about some of his own stories.
A list of of secondary literature about Don Rosa collected by Joachim Butz for an article in Der Donaldist. It's in German, but includes German as well as American items, and the information on American items is probably mostly readable even for those who don't read German.

Upcoming and current work

Kalevala story

[Don Rosa on the list, March 10, 1996:]

The next project I started to consider is one they've been asking me for in Finland... a $crooge story involving the KALEVALA. But I soon realized that would require me to read a 675 page book of symbolic free-verse poetry about a subject with which I'm totally unfamiliar! I don't have that time luxury... so I set that idea aside until I find someone who can supply me with a long synopis and good analyzation before trying it again. (I asked about "Cliff Notes" on the book, but no luck.)

[May 5, 1999, answering a question on how the story is coming along:]

Ooooh, sooooo sloooooow. I have finished pencilling it. Now I am ready to start inking. That will take another 5-6 weeks! This is the most complex story I've yet done. For one thing, it's 33 pages long, that's 9 pages longer than normal and 3 pages longer than any Duck story I've yet done. Also, there is a lot of complex art, such as detailed tracings of custom-shot photographs taken around Helsinki for the scenes where Iku-Turso is running wild through town, from the train station to Senate Square. Whew!

The Kalevala story will probably be published by in Europe around November 1999.

His earliest Ducks

Don Rosa on the list, January 1997:

That 1987 Duck drawing of mine that you say is in the new DER DONALDIST isn't close to being my first. I'd done spot illustrations for my RBCC "Information Center" of the Ducks as far back as 1972... and I did an entire comic story all about the lives of the Ducks since the 50s, sort of a mild "underground" type thing, done about 1970. That story has been completely lost in the ensuing years... I doubt if it will ever turn up again. Some fanzine publisher had it and was surely too scared to publish it. But I never drew the Ducks when I was a kid, 1951-1969... I only drew real people (who LOOKED like real people) in my comics.

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