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Flintheart Glomgold

South African billionaire trying to get richer than Scrooge.

He was created by Carl Barks and appeared in the following stories by him:

He has been used a lot in Egmont stories as an adversary to Scrooge, just as Rockerduck has been used in Italian stories, and sometimes translators have confused the two.

In Barks's original stories he was from South Africa and lived there. In Don Rosa's The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck (chapter 6) he says that he's a Boer.

In the DuckTales television series he has a Scottish accent and seems to live in Duckburg. That he lives there is also implied in lots of Egmont stories. Barks never stated where Flintheart was born, so maybe he was born in Scotland, then emigrated to S.A. at an early age in the same manner that Scrooge emigrated to America.

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