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Fethry Duck

Donald's weird cousin.


Fethry was created in 1963 in stories made by the Disney Studios for the foreign market. The writer of these stories were Dick Kinney and the artist was Al Hubbard. The very first story with him was S 64008. (The first known publication of it was in Italian Topolino 453, August 2, 1964.

Later also other writers and artists made Fethry stories for the foreign market, most notably artist Tony Strobl. Strobl also drew a few Fethry stories for Western, in which Fethry looks a bit different. The first of those was Donald's Buzzin' Cousin in Donald Duck 105.

Later, Fethry was also used a lot in French, Brazilian and Italian stories, and occasionally in a Danish story (but never in a Dutch story).

Related characters

Fethry is a cousin of Donald, or sometimes a second cousin. He has a nephew, Biquinho. In some Brazilian stories he has a secret identity as well -- Morcego Vermelho.

In Don Rosa's Duck family tree he appears as the son of Lulubelle Loon and Eider Duck, one of Grandma Duck's sons. This is only because the editors wanted Fethry somewhere on the tree. In Don Rosa's personal copy of the tree Fethry doesn't exist at all.

Other sources

Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.

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