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Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear

As Disney characters all of them originate from the Disney movie Song of the South. They have been part of American culture a long time before that, first recorded by Joel Chandler Harris.

Br'er Rabbit

A clever rabbit.

In Joel Chandler Harris's writings his given name was Riley Rabbit. According to David Gerstein that name has at least once been used of him as a Disney character as well.

Sometimes there is a Sis Molly Rabbit to serve as Br'er Rabbit's love interest. (She derives from the original legends of Br'er Rabbit, but the name Molly probably appears only in Disney comics.)

Br'er Fox

A fox who is trying to get Brer Rabbit.

Br'er Bear

A bear living in the forest. Sometimes partner of Brer Fox.

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Last updated February 17, 1999.

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