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Gladstone Gander

Donald's lucky cousin and his competitor for Daisy's love.


Gladstone Gander was created by Carl Barks and debuted in WDC 88.


The most specific information on how Gladstone Gander is related to the rest of the ducks in Barks's work is in Race to the South Seas:
And my uncle on my mother's side is Scrooge McDuck, [...]
So what? Scrooge McDuck is my mother's brother's brother-in-law, [...]

Later in the same the story Scrooge's personal lawyer (Sylvester Shyster) asks Gladstone Say, aren't you Gladstone Gander, son of Scrooge McDuck's sister-in-law? and still later in the same story Gladstone is referred to as a nephew-in-law of Scrooge. When Gladstone later in the story calls Scrooge Uncle Scrooge he replies I'm not your uncle!

In WDC 155 Scrooge says that my only relatives are my nephew, Donald, and his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and my distant nephew, Gladstone Gander! ... What a collection!

In Barks's Duck Family Tree which he made for his own reference in the early fifties, Gladstone is the son of Luke the Goose and Daphne Duck, and was later adopted by Matilda McDuck and Goosetave Gander. (Daphne and Luke died by overeating at a free-lunch picnic.) Probably Barks came up with this because Gladstone had appeared to be related to both Scrooge and Grandma in the stories. It is said that Barks did away with this adoption in a later version of his tree, but that isn't published anywhere.

In Don Rosa's version of the family tree, Daphne instead married Goosetave Gander, and they were Gladstone's parents, so there was never any adoption.

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