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Carl Barks's Duck Family Tree

How the ducks are related is an old much-debated topic in duckdom, and it has been discussed at some length in the Disney comics list as well. This file does not contain The Answers to those questions, but just information on one interesting source of such information, namely a duck family tree that Carl Barks made in the early fifties for his own reference. I won't try to redraw it here, but the information in it is:

This tree was only a rough sketch, and is published in Carl Barks Library, Set VI, p. 476. On the same page is also Mark Worden's cleaned-up version originally published in CAPA-alpha [issue number?]. A peculiar change is that in Mark Worden's version Goosetave Gander is renamed! In Worden's original version in CAPA-alpha it was Goosetale instead, but in the reproduction in CBL it's Goosetail! [What's the story behind those changes?] [Are there any other differences between the printings of Worden's tree?]

Later this tree was the main source for Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree.

Last updated February 16, 1999.

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