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Adventures featuring Scrooge, HD&L and others. Donald appears rarely, as he is away serving in the navy. His role as Scrooge's sidekick is filled by accident-prone pilot Launchpad McQuack. The Beagle Boys also appear, but have distinct appearances, names and personalities. Flintheart Glomgold is shown with a kilt and a Scottish accent (instead of the South African heritage described by Barks.) Other characters from comics who made appearances on the show include: Magica De Spell, Glittering Goldie, Gladstone Gander and Gyro Gearloose. Several new characters were also introduced, including Webby, Mrs. Beakley, Duckworth, Doofus, Gizmoduck (Fenton Crackshell), Bubba the cave duck and Tootsie the triceratops. Gizmoduck and Bubba were used only in the second season.

Summary by Katie Sullivan

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Last updated March 14, 1998.

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