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Peter Pig

Peter Pig was created in 1934 as a companion for Donald Duck in the Aesopian cartoon The Wise Little Hen (Donald's first appearance). He also appeared in 1935's Mickey Mouse cartoon The Band Concert.

Peter's role in comics is slightly more interesting. He first appeared in a comic version of Hen in late 1934. He then went on to co-star with a mature Donald in some stories produced in Europe, among them Donald Duck, Foreign Correspondent and Donald Duck in Redskin Country (both by Federico Pedrocchi).

Peter is a rotund swine usually seen in a sweater and cap (and nothing else). While fundamentally lazy and greedy, Peter will steel his wits about him when necessary -- be it to outwit Mrs. Hen or crooked reporter John Gatto. Peter's greatest moments of triumph come when he is opposed to Gatto, particularly in Donald Duck, Foreign Correspondent. Peter does, however, have a slow temper and natural hogly cowardice. Still, he can overcome them when necessary -- or when prodded by the more impatient Donald. When the two get in an argument that brings Donald to blows, the poor pig doesn't stand a chance.

Peter had a treasure map tattooed on his chest at one point in the story Donald Duck in Redskin Country. He didn't have it removed before the story was over, but it may have occurred since then. For a time, Donald and Peter held jobs working for Mr. Linus O'Type at the Altro Mondo (= other world) newspaper.

It seems likely that Peter was a friend of Donald early in his life. Once Italian comics began using Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Peter Pig vanished -- perhaps for good (I am not certain of this).

Peter is not to be confused with Percy Pig.

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