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Gus Goose

Grandma's lazy helping hand.

His first appearance was in a picture on the floor in the Donald Duck comic strip for April 6, 1938, but he didn't appear in person until Donald's Cousin Gus in May of that year. May 9 Donald got a letter reading

Dear Donald,
Your cousin, Gus Goose, is coming for a visit.
Aunt Fanny

P.S. Please watch his diet.

Gus appeared in a cartoon also named Donald's Cousin Gus in May 1939.

In Carl Barks's Duck Family Tree he was a nephew of Luke the Goose making him a very distant cousin of Donald. (Luke the Goose was in that tree married to Daphne who is one of Grandma Duck's children.

This is one of the things that are changed in Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree. There Gus Goose is instead the son of Luke Goose and Fanny Coot, where Fanny Coot is Grandma's niece. The name Fanny comes from Gus's comic strip origins mentioned above, even though it's never actually said if and how this Aunt Fanny is related to Gus in it.

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