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Donald's Saint Bernard dog. He appeared in the newspaper comics with Donald. One of the first appearances is the strip from March 17, 1938.

Later Carl Barks used Bolivar in a few times, at least in WDC 43, WDC 76, WDC 82, WDC 125, and The Gab-Muffer in OS 1047.

In WDC 125 he was called Bornworthy instead, supposedly because people in Colombia had complained about a dog having the same name as Simón Bolívar. For the same reasons the dog was called Bernie for a while in the newspaper strips of the 1950s, and Bornworthy/Bernie is still the official name at Egmont.

In the mid-1940s in the daily Donald strip Bolivar had a pup named Behemoth, or Behe. Barks used this pup in WDC 111 where Donald uses Behe (as he's called there) to track down the boys.

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