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Mickey's tall, stupid dog friend.

His first appearance on the screen was in a bit part in the cartoon Mickey's Revue (1932), and his name in the earliest shorts with him was Dippy Dawg.

Relations: He has a nephew, Gilbert. In the November 14, 1937 Sunday page his Uncle Ophal Dizzy appears and his wife Effie is mentioned. One of Goofy's ancestors is Mighty Knight, who is featured on the Super Goof page. In Italian stories Goofy's archeologist cousin, Arizona Goof, can be found.

Goofy has a secret super-hero identity: Super Goof.

One special genre where Goofy is the main character is the one with the Goofy History stories.


Goofy's pet minah bird (who can talk).

He first appeared in Sunday pages from 1950 [what date?] and was created by Bill Walsh.

Ellsworth seems to be used as some sort of symbol and mascot in Egmont's house newsletter.

Earlier this page said he was a raven, but according to The Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook (1977) he is a mynah bird, and was originally to have been a costumed character on that TV series!

Other sources

Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.

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