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Neighbor Jones

Donald's neighbor with whom he always fights. His first name starts with J as he has appeared as J. Jones (in WDC 63, panel 3.8).

Neighbor Jones was introduced into comic books by Carl Barks and he debuted in WDC 34. The neighbor Jones in that story looks very different from the the one in later comics by Barks though, so maybe instead WDC 38 should be seen as his real first appearance.

He basically disappeared from the Donald Duck ten-pagers about the same time that Barney Bear's similar neighbor Mooseface McElk was introduced in Barks's non-Disney comics. Maybe that's simply because Barks funneled all his battle-with-the-neighbors ideas over Barney Bear instead.

Jones was used by other writers as well. One early example is Donald Duck's Big Blow-out (1947). Artist Jack Hannah draws him much as Barks did, but strangely eliminates his hair.

Neighbor Jones in the newspaper strips

Sometimes in the newspaper strip Donald Duck has had a neighbor whose name has been Jones. His appearance has changed a lot, so maybe those are actually several different people. It's not clear if Barks was thinking about any of these Joneses when he created his neighbor Jones, or if the name is just a coincidence as Jones is such a typical name for a neighbor. Here are some of the Donald Duck newspaper comics with neighbors in them:

It seems like Karp and/or Taliaferro experimented a bit with different neighbors, but that at least some of them were recurring. Also it's possible that the neighbor with chickens (Sep. 21, 1941; Apr. 4, 1943; Oct. 3, 1943) has inspired Barks. (Just as Barks picked up some other recurring characters from the newspaper comics, like Bolivar.)

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Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.

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