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Al Taliaferro

Born in Montrose, Colorado on August 29, 1905. Died in Glendale, California on February 3, 1969.

Most of all he was the artist of the Donald Duck newspaper comic for a long time.

It seems like Al put his family in his Donald strips a lot. Daisy is said to have acted a lot like Al's wife Lucy; Grandma Duck was modeled after Lucy's mother, Donnie M. Wheaton; many of the adventures with Bolivar were based on true incidents with the family dog George McTavis (a Scottish terrier); and Donald's car was based on a car of one of Al's friends; etc.

Note that this doesn't mix well with the fact that Taliaferro is only credited with the art of those stories in the indexes. Al claimed, and his widow still does, that he wrote most of the gags himself though.

Other work

[From Steven Rowe:]

He also did a few comic book stories for Jim Davis and the Sangor Shop.

Ben Sangor and Richard Hughes ran a comic book shop (packager of comics) from 1942 to circa 1950. In 1943, Jim Davis moved to Los Angles and began to work as west coast shop editor, while doing animation work in the daytime. He used guys like Ken Hultgren, Bob Karp, Lynn Karp, Hubie Karp, Al Taliaferro, Howard Swift, LLoyd Turner, Cal Howard, Don Arr (Christensen), Al Hubbard, and many future Disney artists. (the 1942-1944 Sangor Shop used Fleischer/ Famous animators from Florida and NY). Good stuff, and most often signed.

Printed sources

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