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Duckburg was founded by Cornelius Coot.

Where is Duckburg?

This is a traditional Donaldistic question, and lots has been written about it. Most of the main points aren't here yet.

Duckburg is located in the state of Calisota. That is mentioned in The Gilded Man by Carl Barks, where an address is given as 45 Mallard Avenue, Duckburg, Calisota. Barks never mentioned the name Calisota again, but it has been used now and then in later stories by other people.

In the television quiz show in WDC 152 one contestant gets the question How many states in the 48 states? (this was before Alaska and Hawaii became states of the USA), so it seems like the USA of the Ducks have the same number of states as our USA, even though there's an extra state there.

Here are some Barks data on where Duckburg (and Calisota) might be:

One non-Barks source for where the Ducks' hometown (the name Duckburg isn't used here) is Southern Hospitality, where the following conversation takes place (page 6):

Huey, Dewey, or Louie:
What route are we taking, Unca Donald?
The southern route--through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas-- and into the Deep South!

Other places

A neighbouring town is Goosetown. Another is Pickleburg in WDC 72.

Other sources

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