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[By Per Starbäck with facts from David Gerstein, Eta Beta, Rich Bellacera, Marco Barlotti.]

Minnie's niece. She was a recurring character in S-coded stories in the 1960's, mostly drawn by Jim Fletcher. [Was she created by scripter Dick Kinney?]

These stories were common at least in Scandinavia during the 60's, but they were not printed in the USA, so there has been some confusion regarding her original name. Alberto Becattini's Red Book writes that there are sources according to which the character's original name could have been Molly instead (and this is what this page said earlier), but later it has been confirmed that it is indeed Melody.

In some stories Minnie has twin nieces. The pair has, at various times, been called Pammy/Tammy, Maisie/Melody, Melody/Millicent, and Millie/Tillie. Egmont's official names for them are Millie/Tillie, although they've only been in a very few Egmont stories.

Two stories from 1963 with the twins are Mickey's Close Call in MM 88 (Pammy/Tammy) and The Late Show (Gold Key Mickey Mouse Album #1, reprinted in WDCD 35, June 1972).

It is not clear if the single niece Melody is meant to be the same as one of the twins. [Which came first? Stories with one or with two nieces?]

In two Italian stories Minnie has two teenage nieces. In their first story, Minni e la recita perfetta, they are called Tiny & Lily.

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