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Herbert is a friend of Huey, Dewey and Louie. He is an anthropomorphized pig who wears trousers and a sweater with stripes. His mother (also a pig of course) was seen briefly in WDC 43, and his father trains substitutes for setting hens for a living (WDC 70). Herbert isn't very bright - when the nephews gave him a dime he swallowed it, and an X ray of his stomach showed a marble, some buttons, the dime, and a very bad school report card (WDC 50). His only lines in WDC 43 were Hunk-uh! and Yea!

He was invented by Carl Barks, who used him in the following stories:

[Are there more?]

Only Barks used him back then, but I think some of the newer artists who know their Barks have used Herbert once or twice.

Other sources

Rich Bellacera's HooZoo page.

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