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Super Goof

Goofy's super hero alias.

His first appearance was in The Phantom Blot Meets Super Goof (1965) written by Del Connell. Goofy accidentally drank a cup of super fuel produced by Gyro Gearloose and imagined that he had acquired super powers. So he costumed himself with an old potato sack as a cape, and stripped to his long red underwear and went off in pursuit of the Phantom Blot. He didn't actually have any super powers, though.

Soon after this Connell and editor Chase Craig discussed the potential of Super Goof as a continuing character and the result was a second origin story in a backup story in Donald Duck #102. This time Gyro manufactured a special cape that provided the bearer with some super powers, so this time it was not just something that Goofy imagined.

After new discussions it was decided to let Super Goof have his own title. In the premiere issue there was yet another origin story, The Thief of Zanzipar, and this time Super Goof got his powers from the Super Goobers, a special brand of peanuts that somehow had found their way to Goofy's backyard. (This story was also written by Del Connell, but it was Chase Craig who suggested that Super Goof derive his power by the eating of peanuts.)

In The Great Big Super Goobers it is disclosed that the original peanut that started Goofy's garden had its origin in Mexico where a hero called Superior Senor grows the goobers.

Super Goof often had Emil Eagle as his adversary. Their first encounter was in The Goofs of Super Goof.

Super Goof was published from 1965 to 1984 (#1-74).

See Joe Torcivia's articles about Super Goof in The Duckburg Times #22 and #23 (1987, 1989) for more information.

Super Gilly

In The Twister Resisters (1966) Goofy's nephew Gilbert accidentally got to know about Super Goof's true identify. Gilbert also ate a super goober and became Super Gilbert, later called Super Gilly.

Red Arrow

The Red Arrow was a recurring super villian, powered by Super Garlic devised by a scientist who was inspired by the super goobers. He has a hypnotic red arrow which sends its victims off aimlessly in whichever direction the fiend desires.

He appeared in Super Goof #68-70, his premiere story being The Red Arrow Plot.

Other characters with super powers

In some stories even other characters have eaten super goobers or something similar and have gotten special powers from it.

There are also some recurring characters with super powers that have nothing to do with Super Goof. In Italian stories are Paperinik (really Donald Duck, sometimes called Superduck in English), Paperinika (really Daisy). In Brazilian stories also Borboleta Purpura (Fethry's girlfriend Glorinha as a super heroine). In Brazilian stories there is also a super hero team Clube dos Herois (hero club) with all the Disney super heroes.

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