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Claude Marin

One of the best French Disney Comics artist. He first worked for France in the late 70s, and became the official model for all French stories in the 80s (before Edi-Monde began to work with Comicup). He has always preferred drawing Mickey to Donald. (Claude Marin was a reader of the Journal de Mickey during the 30s, where Donald Duck made minor appearings). One of his models is Floyd Gottfredson.

In 1987, Marin has been in charge of the Disney babies, a long series of gags published in the Journal de Mickey. Some of the first ones where drawn by Gen-Clo, but he did most of them, during many years. At the end of his carrer, Claude Marin used to draw an 8-pager Christmas stories for Le Journal de Mickey. He also drew many covers for Winnie and Disney Club and many illustrations. Unfortunately, Claude Marin prematurely stopped to draw in 1997.

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