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[By Fran├žois Willot:]

Actually a pen-name for Claude Chebille. Claude Chebille is one of the best French Disney artists. He was born in 1949 in Alger. He did his first Disney stories in the late 70s (when a new French production of stories program started in 1978). He did some stories with the Ducks, but is essentialy good at drawing mice stories. In the beginning of the 80s, his main model was Claude Marin (actually it was Edi-Monde who asked him and other artists to draw in the same ways as Claude Marin).

Gen-Clo drew his last Duck stories in the mid and late 80s, and then concentrated on other works like the Prehistoric gags which appeared during a short period on the back cover of the Journal de Mickey, and also educational two-page stories about ecology and environment which appeared each week in the Journal de Mickey. When the series ended, Gen-Clo began to do short stories with Mickey against the Phantom Blot only, written by Alain Clement. The Blot was a very important character of the first French stories in the 80s. Recently, he has also done a few stories featuring Minnie as the main character.

This artist is seldom reffered to as Claude Chebille. Most of the time he is known as Gen-Clo.

Last updated April 9, 1999.

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