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Disney comics: books, fanzines, clubs

An overview of books and fanzines about Disney comics as well as clubs for fans and other fan activities around Disney comics in the Real World (outside the computers). Sources in English are mentioned first.



Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book
Michael Barrier's book on Carl Barks is still the book about him and includes an extensive index of Barks's comic book works. New York 1981. ISBN 0-9607652-0-4 (Hardbound), ISBN 0-9607652-1-2 (Paperback).
An Informal Biography of Scrooge McDuck
An account of Scrooge McDuck's life with facts gathered from stories in Uncle Scrooge written by Jack L. Chalker. Baltimore 1974.
How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comics
By Dorfman and Mattelart. Review by Dana Gabbard in The Duckburg Times #8 (1980).
Carl Barks' Surviving Comic Book Art
By Matti Eronen.


The Barks Collector
Published by Bear Mountain Enterprises, Box 616, Victoria VA 23974. Presently on hiatus, but some back issues or available. [Which ones? At what cost?]

[The last issue I can find now is #42, but I think there's at least one more which I have mislaid somewhere. Which issue is the last one?]

Devoted to the works of Carl Barks. John Garvin made several covers to TBC, and he has made them available on the web.

The Duckburg Times
Published by Dana Gabbard, 3010 Wilshire Bl. #362, Los Angeles CA 90010. Irregularly published, sample copy $3. Back issues available. Emphasis on Disney comics with news, articles, interviews and reviews.

The latest issue is #24/25 with a focus on DuckTales. #26 will include a profile on Italian artist Marco Rota, an article by Ken Bausert titled The World According to Carl Barks and an installment of Andy Lendacky's series on Barks's use of language, among other things.

Issue #27 will probably be a special issue devoted to the Carl Barks Library.

The Duck Hunter
This is put out by one Patrick Hanifin. His address is Pat Hanifin, 6500 N.W. 112th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73162, USA. The premier issue has 52 pages and contains an interview with Don Rosa at a cost of $11. The second issue (spring 1996) is described by John Lustig in this message. The third issue was to have featured Barks' 95th birthday party, but Hanifin has decided not to do any more issues of it.
Number 1 was published by Dan McIntyre in 1982(?). I don't know if there were any more issues of it.
That's the ones in English I know of. There are of course also general Disney fanzines and general comics fanzines with occassional items on Disney comics.

Interesting items in more general publications

The Comics Journal
A magazine of comics news and criticism with its own web page.
#73 (July 1982)
has a feature on Carl Barks by Dwight Decker.
Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book
contains an interview with Floyd Gottfredson.
An ultra-rare sketchbook by Uncle Scrooge creator Carl Barks.
contains a long interview with Don Rosa. An excerpt is available on the web.
Comic Book Marketplace
A monthly magazine about the Golden and Silver Age of comic books. Items on Disney comics have been: Ducks in Flux in #24 (politically correct Disney); Collecting Junior Woodchucks by Michael Naiman in #27; Big Little Barks in #28; Disney's Ousted Ogre in #29; Duckburg's Most Wanted in #31. Issue #34 higlights Carl Barks and celebrates his 95th birthday with Gyro's Gizmos by Michael Naiman, The Golden Age of Carl Barks by Rob Jaiven, and more.

Contact Michael Naiman <mn@inetworld.net> for more information.

#7 (June 1984) contains features on both Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson.


German Donaldists are organized in D.O.N.A.L.D. (Deutsche Organisation Nichtkommerzieller Anhänger des Lauteren Donaldismus) since 1977. They have their own pages (in German). D.O.N.A.L.D. publishes a fanzine (Der Donaldist) which started with issue #52 in 1985. (Following up on the earlier Der Hamburger Donaldist #1--51, 1976--1985.) The address for subscribing to Der Donaldist is: Thorsten Bremer, Alter Ebsdorfer Weg 20, 35039 Margurg, Germany; email: kdd@donald.org. Price is EUR 16 for one year (four issues) for members and EUR 18 for non-members. The Sonderhefte (specials) have to be subscribed to separately; inquire about conditions.

Books in German:


Books: Friday June 13, 1997, Italian newspaper La Repubblica featured the 50th anniversary of Scrooge McDuck. There was a cover by Marco Rota, clearly inspired by a drawing by Don Rosa (Scrooge in his dressing gown flipping a coin with old photographs in the background of himself as a young lad and of his parents); and an 11-page essay, the full reproduction of Rosa's Duck Family tree, and much more.


Swedish Donaldists are organized in NAFS(k) -- National Donaldist Society of Sweden (quack). (The link is to their own pages.) NAFS(k) publishes the fanzine NAFS(k)uriren for their members.



There's a fanzine Carl Barks & Co. I think there has also been a fanzine Dafinyt.

There is an organization DDF(R) = Dansk Donaldist-Forening (RAP). See their webpages (in Danish)!



The first Donaldist fanzine was Donaldisten (= the Donaldist). There were 20 issues published between 1973 and 1978, then it went on hiatus for a while. The subscribers received Duckmite instead, of which only one issue was published.

In 1981 another fanzine Duckburg started, published by Henning Bødtker. [How many issues? When was the last one?]

Later [when?] Donaldisten was resumed. Universitetets tegneserieforum (Utf), which is a part of Norsk tegneserieforum (NTF), has a Donaldist group, Donaldistene, that publishes the fanzine.

The latest issue of Donaldisten was #26, which also was FanzineTegn #3/95. It was published by NTF in collaboration with Gammeldonaldismens Venner (GDV) with editor-in-chief Jan P. Krogh. The address is Donaldistene, Westye Egebergsgt. 8c, 0172 OSLO, Norway.

Realistforeningen is an association at the University of Oslo with a Donaldist section. Realistforeningen has a page (in Norwegian) on the net.

Another Norwegian fanzine was Carl Barks and the old master's secret. [Details?]

Last updated February 25, 2004.

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