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Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Aug 4 21:36:07 CEST 1992

Welcome to disney-comics then!  I hope that creating this mailing list
was a good idea.

Disney comics isn't discussed that much on the net, and when it is,
the subject more or less gets drowned among more common subjects, like
the parks and the movies in rec.arts.disney, and super heroes in
rec.arts.comics[.misc].  "About a fantastic detective that jumps over
giant buildings, smashes brick walls with his fists!  Knocks over
whole armies with his breath!  You *know* that *no* man could be that
strong!  Why don't you waste your time doing something useful?"

So one rationale for this list is to collect the Disney comics
discussion in one place, where even people like me, who doesn't check
r.a.d. and r.a.c. that often, will see it.

I've e-corresponded a little with some people about Disney comics the
last years, and I know there's lots of knowledge, and also lots of
questions out there.  And there's also some indices, checklists and
other material that would benefit from being more widely distributed.

Here's the hard facts that everyone on the list should know about:

	The address to the list is disney-comics at student.docs.uu.se.
	Messages sent to that address gets to all (currently 14)
	subscribers.  The address to use when subscribing,
	unsubscribing, changing your address etc. is
	disney-comics-request at student.docs.uu.se.  That gets only to

That's all I think.
--       "
Per Starback, email: starback at student.docs.uu.se
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