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Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Aug 5 16:53:48 CEST 1992

Here is my second Carl Barks quote quiz.  (The first one was posted to
r.a.d. last year.)

All you have to do is to identify the stories the following thirteen
quotes are from.  You don't have to know the official title of the
story, it's sufficient to describe the story so that I'm convinced that
you know what story it is.

Mail the answers to me (*not* the list) August 21 (GMT) or sooner and
you may win a virtual peanut if you have the highest score.  Every
correct answer will yield the inverse of the number of correct answers
for that quote.

Note again that all quotes are from stories by Carl Barks:

1.	"Calling all cars!  Calling all cars!  Angry duck wrecking
	dining car at sixth and `D' streets!  That is all!"

2.	"Down with H'America!"

3.	"I demand that you give a *billion dollars* to the L.T.A.B.!"

4.	"Life won't be worth *living* without my starfish!"

5.	"Notice the powerful action of the ejector!  Yet see how
	gently it places decorations on the frosting!"

6.	"Now I'll grind up the *rabbit*!"

7.	"Plinky plinky --- feep week --- womp bomp --- squeek squeek"

8.	"Regional artifacts of the early rhubarbian era contain the
	most interesting worm holes --- blah --- blah!"

9.	"Tantalium!  Youguessium!  Nosuchium!"

10.	"That's it!  Jump in the ocean and swim back to Japan!"

11.	"Two hundred cawrs, ninety kerwawks, four thousand tweets,
	eight tillion twitters, and sixty chuk chuks south by

12.	"Waitah, what's the swankiest dish your cook can sling

13.	"You'd be a pip on my radar --- A wow on the video! ---
	We could sing bebop in a helicop' --- on our way to a movie show!"
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