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Andrew>	Rosa also published a title called "The Art of Don Rosa" (or
	was is the best?).  I have volume 1 of that title, and was
	wondering if anyone knew if other volumes existed.

Is that something else than "Don Rosa's Comics and Stories" published
by Fantagraphics?  I don't have them, but the ad for it in The Comics
Journal #125 (Oct. 1988) says:

| #1 Before Don Rosa became the heir apparent to Carl Barks at Gladstone
| Comics, he wrote and drew these extravagantly action-packed tales for
| fanzines.  This one takes Launcelot Perwillaby and his friends to the
| North Pole... $2.95
| #2 In the second issue, Pertwillaby journeys to the center of the
| Earth and nearly gets swallowed up by a Black Hole. $2.95
--       "
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