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Pretty impressive list!

My first thought was to ask who they are, all those people I've never
heard about, but that'll have to wait.  First some other comments:

* WHAT'S IN A NAME:  Questions about the characters' names.
You list April, May, and June with the surname Duck.  Are you sure of
that?  They are Daisy's sister's daughters, so if that sister is
married (presumably she is) she (and the nieces) could have another
name.  But maybe they've been explicitly named as "Duck" somewhere?
Have they?

As you list Donald's middle initial (F.) you might want to know that
Big Bad Wolf has an M.  "Zeke M. Wolf" that is.  I know what the M.
stands for, but I'm not sure I can find the story it's mentioned in.

Grandma Duck is another interesting character name-wise.  Most of the
time everybody calls her Grandma, even people who possibly can't be
her relatives.  But then, once in a while, her real name has been used
by some authors.  I think I've only seen it in Swedish translations
though, and it's so infrequent so that the translators generally don't
seem to remember that they've already chosen a name for her, so it's
not very consistent.  Has her original real name ever appeared?

> Little Bulb (Gyro's microbot)
That he may be called in DT, I don't know.
In his original Carl Barks days he was just known as the Little

> Uncle Ezra Scrooge McDuck
Source of that Ezra?

> Maisie(?) Mouse*~ 
> ?         Mouse*~ 
> Also Minnie's neices (*) were introduced in the comic book......?

Dunno.  In Scandinavian Disney comics (by Gutenberghus) in the sixties
Minnie had just one niece.  Her name was Tone in Norwegian, Tuttan in
Swedish.  But those stories have (hopefully) not been published
outside of Scandinavia.  Hmm, time for another heading:

Feathry Duck is a character who has appeared lots of times, but almost
never (or never at all?) in the US, even though he was created by
Americans.  (I don't know how I know his English name.)  He is yet
another cousin of Donald's and appeared first in the sixties in some
stories drawn by Al Hubbard, and then later in a lot of S-coded
stories drawn by Tony Strobl.  Some of those stories are really great!
In many of the Hubbard stories Donald has a cat, who's original name
is unknown to me (Swedish name: Kisse).  In many of the later stories,
but also in stories without Cousin Feathry, there is a hobo whose name
in Swedish is Skogs-Ola.  I guess he hasn't appeared in the US either.

Rockerduck, a throw-away character created by Carl Barks and used by
him once, has been extensively used in Italian Donald Duck comics.
There are also many other characters that are only seen in the Italian

Glittering Goldie, created by Barks for Back to the Klondike (USOS 456),
has appeared in several episodes of DuckTales, and is thus a recurring

Emil Eagle (is that his name?), the evil inventor and arch-enemy of

Mad Madame Mim (originally from the movie The Sword in the Stone)
should be mentioned, as she's been extensively used in the comics.

There's two crooks missing that Mickey Mouse often meets in stories
(drawn) by Paul Murry.  They're one big and one small fellow, but I can't
remember their names in English right now.  One of them is McBoo or
something like that I think.

Another Murry character in Mickey's world is the Sherlock Holmes spoof
by the name of Sheerluck Holmes or something similar.

> Brer Bear
> Lil' Bear Twins~
And Brer Bear's wife, whatever her name is.

Then there's the question of what Disney "universes" to count.  You
included the residents of Bugville, but not e.g., Scamp and friends,
Hiawatha and his world, or Little Toot, all of whom there's been a
plethora of comic book stories with.  (Hmm... Maybe not Little Toot.)
The Aristokittens from Aristocats even had their own comic book in the

Bongo and company should probably be mentioned as he's often met Chip
'n' Dale, and thus seems to live in the same forest.  (I've never seen
Fun and Fancy Free (where Bongo debuted), but I've read (in John
Grant) that there are a pair of chipmunks in it that "are
extraordinarily like Chip an' Dale, although they squeak rather than
`speak'".)  In the same forest is Bongo's foe Lumpjaw, who's been used
together with C&D many times even when Bongo's not present.

Then there's always those cross-overs where Pinocchio appears in the
forest of the Three Little Pigs, or The Seven Dwarfs get help from
Dumbo to fight the Witch, who gets help from the Beagle Boys. *sigh*
Mighty Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batman!

Maybe the Witch from Snow White should be counted as recurring at
least?  She's even been used by Barks once.

That's all I can think of for now.  Goodnight!
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