Correcting myself

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Thu Aug 6 16:08:01 CEST 1992

I wrote:
> Another Murry character in Mickey's world is the Sherlock Holmes spoof
> by the name of Sheerluck Holmes or something similar.

His name is Shamrock Bones.  I don't know where I got "Sheerluck"
from.  Who's that?  I surely didn't come up with that pun myself, did

> There's two crooks missing that Mickey Mouse often meets in stories
> (drawn) by Paul Murry.  They're one big and one small fellow, but I can't
> remember their names in English right now.  One of them is McBoo or
> something like that I think.

I've checked now.  Their names are Idgit the Midgit and Dangerous Dan
McBoo.  Sometimes "Idgit"'s spelt "Idjit" instead.

They are "Putte" & "Kn<"o>len" in Swedish btw.  (Currently Sweden is
the second-to-most common country of this list's subscribers.)
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