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Wed Aug 5 20:33:00 CEST 1992

Thanks Per Starback (is that your name?) for the input.

Here is perhaps some reasoning to my madness (or is that madness to my

I am inclined to agree with you about Emil Eagle and Glittering Goldie.  They
do indeed fit the qualifications I have listed. In fact I recently came across
a book of reprinted Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck comic strips that had Emil
listed.  Prior to that I thought he was a recent creation of the Disney Comics

As for Mrs. Brer Bear, I have seen her once, but I don't know if she's
appeared before.

I know that Donald's "F" stands for "Fauntleroy", but what does Zeke's "M"
stand for?

"Ezra" Scrooge's name was listed in a book I have...darn it...I've packed it
away, but as soon as I relocate it I will send the info.

Gee...I wish you knew what Minnie's neice's name was in English (Tone/Tuttan),
and what story she appeared in.  As for my source for the idea that she
actually has "tow" neices, that came from David Smith at the Disney Archives.
Unfortuanately he did not know what comic(s) they appeared in.  I guess it is
reasonable to assume that she does have two neices when one compares the Duck
family with the Mouse family there seems to be a logic to their madness, too.
For example there are three nephews and three neices in the Ducks and two
nephews and I guess two neices in the Mouses.

Heuy, Dewey & Louie  =  April, May & June
Morty & Ferdie  =  Minnie's two neices.

I know that I cannot validate this except for Mr. Smith's word.

I saw April, May & June's last name listed as "Duck" only once in a comic, but
then I've seen Morty & Ferdie's names listed as "Mouse", but I've seen the
comic strips that introduced them and they are assuredly said to be the
children of Mrs. Fieldmouse.  I have also seen Grandma Duck's name spelled
"Grandmaw" so as far as whether or not Daisy's neices are surnamed "Duck" or
not, I cannot validate this either.  If you know a source for their correct
last name please post it or forward it to me and I'll be happy to change the
list.  It's funny but there is a lot of inconsistency in the Disney Universe
which I suppose explains why I have been told by Mr. Smith that they do not
intend to do a "Who's Who" type reference book for Disney characters (Actually
I think a better working title would be "Hoozoo" which was the name of an
early Mickey Mouse book that presented Donald Duck, Jenny Wren and others at
the farm long before they appeared in cartoon features).

The reason I did not include such characters as Little Toot, Hiawatha, Bongo,
Scamp, Mad Madame Mim, the AristoKittens and others is because I believe their
proper listing would be under the animated Full-length feature film they are
from.  Despite the fact that they repeatedly appear in Disney Comics along
with Chip' Dale and others, they are usually one-shot stories that do not have
ties to any of the continuing themes.  The characters with which I have made
an exception are the "Brers", the "Wolfs" and the "Pigs".  Although they did
originally appear in cartoons, they regularly appear in the comics and I've
noticed that the Three Little Pigs and Lil' Bad Wolf are Junior Woodchucks and
often appear with Morty, Ferdie, Heuy, Louie, and Dewey.  This cross-over
seems to be an exception that is viable for the list's purposes, but none of
the other characters you mention seem (IMHO) to belong.

What do you think?  Does this make sense?


P.S.  I luuuuuuv Scamp! :)

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