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Rich says:
> Thanks Per Starback (is that your name?) for the input.

That is indeed my name (sans two dots over the last `a').  Pronounce
it lika pear + star + back, and you're not too far off.

> I know that Donald's "F" stands for "Fauntleroy", but what does
> Zeke's "M" stand for?

"Midas"!  Pretty surprising, eh?  I'll try to find the story.

Re Minnie's niece/nieces: Of course she could have had one niece
visiting sometimes and two other nieces visiting at other times.  You
also have to choose if you want to count all Disney comics produced
over the world, or only the American ones.  If you count Gutenberghus
characters like Tone/Tuttan, you should also look at all the
reoccurring Mondadori characters in Italy.  Tone/Tuttan appeared
only in the sixties btw.  By now I guess she lives with her parents.

> If you know a source for their [AM&J's] correct last name [...]

No, I don't think any other name than Duck has been mentioned, I just
wasn't sure that *any* name had been mentioned.

> Despite the fact that they [Little Toot, Hiawatha, Bongo, Scamp, Mad
> Madam Mim, etc.] repeatedly appear in Disney Comics along with Chip'
> Dale and others, they are usually one-shot stories that do not have
> ties to any of the continuing themes. [...]

Well... The Toot stuff *is* one of the "continuing themes".  So is the
Hiawatha stuff and the Scamp stuff.  I'm just not sure what your
criteria are for which of those themes/universes to use.  As Darkwing
Duck shares Launchpad McQuack with DuckTales and DuckTales shares lots
of characters with the biggest most mainstream Disney universe (the
Donald-and-Mickey one), I guess it's alright to list the DW cast, but
whatabout Wuz, Hundred Acre Wood, the Gummi's, Cape Suzette, Bonkers!,
Raw Toonage and Bugville?  What do those locales have that Scamp's or
Hiawatha's world doesn't?

We've probably read different stories, but I would count Mad Madam Mim
as a full-fledged member of the main Disney universe (Earth-1?).  I've
read countless stories where she meets Donald, The Beagle Boys, Chip
'n'Dale, Magica de Spell, etc. etc.

Another thing about reoccurring characters: Now that Don Rosa has made
several stories where the Ducks return to somewhere they've been
before (in some Carl Barks story), a lot of characters that were
one-shot characters have occured two times, but they don't feel like
reoccurring characters to me anyway.

Finally you might think of adding two pets Donald had in the newspaper
strips in the thirties and fourties: Bolivar (a dog) and a donkey
(name?).  Bolivar's been used by Barks too.
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