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*The Carl Barks Quote Quiz
Anders Engwall asks for the quotes in their Swedish translations, as
they would probably be easier to remember if you never read the
originals. :-)  That would of course be unfair to everybody else, but
life *is* unfair, so that's OK with me.  So anyone who wants those
Swedish translations of the quotes, just write to me for them.

If any of you new people want the quotes, also write me.  The deadline
for answers (identification of the stories where the quotes appeared)
is August 21 (GMT!).

Rich> You mentioned the Disney Comics produced in Sweden and Italy
Rich> (Gutenberghus & Mandadori in particular).  This does indeed
Rich> create a paradox when trying to determine a listing of recurring
Rich> characters as they appear in Disney Comics (& cartoons) known
Rich> and loved by readers all over the world.

Just clarifying a bit: Gutenberghus isn't in Sweden, but in Denmark,
but Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian Disney comics books are esentially
the same, so that doesn't matter much.  The Disney comics produced by
Gutenberghus have codes beginning with the letter D.  (Those codes are
often seen somewhere in the first panel of a story.)  These D-coded
stories have not only been seen in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, but in
other countries as well, as all Disney publishers have the right to
publish comics from other Disney publishers.  In later years D-coded
stories have even been seen in the USA, starting (?) in the last
Whitman WDC (#510), and then continued by Gladstone after the long

Rich> 1) What did you mean that "you hope they haven't been reprinted
Rich> outside of Scandenavia?"  :(  I'd love to read some of those
Rich> titles/stories that are exclusive to foriegn markets.

That was about some Gutenberghus stories from the sixties, when they
started doing their own stories, instead of just importing everything
from the USA.  The stories I referred to simply weren't any good, and
the character Tone/Tuttan has been made a symbol of bad Disney comics
by Norwegian Donaldist Jon Gisle (in his book Donaldismen).  That's
why I know her name in Norwegian, btw.

*Rich's Character List
Most of your rationales make sense to me.  If you plan of having
several lists, and want every character to appear on only one, then
Mad Madam Mim belongs to the Sword in the Stone list, Jiminy Cricket
to the Pinocchio list etc.  (But whatabout the TaleSpin characters you
list.  Shouldn't Baloo, Louie, Shere rather be on the Jungle Book list
instead?)  (Also, you *did* list Figaro (from Pinocchio) in the list.)

Of course there are borderline cases where it's hard to say where we
have one universe with two natural parts, and where we have two
universes with occasional cross-overs.  I give up on Bucky Bug.  I
haven't read much about the bugs anyway.

Rich> Anyone else?

Yeah, doesn't anyone else have any views on important things like
this? :-)
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